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Skilled Park Stadion, Gold Coast

Robina, Gold Coast

Home to the Gold Coast Titans and hosting rugby, soccer and entertainment events, this 27,000 seat stadium was designed for atmosphere and cost effective efficiency. Costing $168 million Skilled Park is known as one of the best value for money stadia in the world based on capacity. A significant cost saving factor is the lightweight PTFE glass membrane which cantilevers over and wraps around the seating areas providing a sense of enclosure in a dynamic form. Athletic elegance is captured within the coliseum appearance of this building through its simplicity and purity.

The membrane roof and cladding maximises air flow through the structure enabling passive cooling of spectators. The skin tightly wraps the stadium but peels back to reveal layers of translucency at prominent public areas.

The fabric is linked to the static steel skeleton with stainless steel turnbuckles providing tension to the individual panels. Panels are then connected with site welded seams over the steel frame arched ribs. The sealed membrane structure provides retention of sound and light as well as all weather protection to the public.

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  • Realisierung Membranstruktur

    Hightex GmbH
  • Jahr

    2008 - 2009
  • Kunde

  • Stadt / Land

    Robina, Gold Coast
  • Standort

  • Dachfläche

    – m²
  • Fassadenfläche

    22000 m²
  • Auftraggeber

    Watpak Construction
  • Architekt

    Hok Sport Brisbane
  • Engineering

    SKM Sinclair Knignt Merz

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