Hightex carnival uk 01


Carnival UK Headquarters

Sothampton, UK

Cruising Splendour

Self cleansing triple layer ETFE foil cushions provide the ideal atrium roof solution to this headquarters of the Carnival UK passenger cruise line company. The transparent membrane tensile structure allows natural light to flood the Winter Garden area presenting a tempered internal environment accessible to building users. Small dot fritting to the ETFE outer surface reduces sun glare and regulates light transmission. Hightex were also responsible for the design and supply of the filigree steel and stainless rod supporting structure. The use of fabric architecture enhances the impressive building design, a major feature of the city, highlighting Southampton as the number one cruise port in North West Europe.


  • Realization membrane structure

    Hightex GmbH
  • Year

  • Client

    Development Securities PLC
  • City

    Sothampton, UK
  • Location

  • Roof area

    700 m²
  • Facade area

    – m²
  • Contractor

    Miller Construction
  • Architect

    Aukett Fitzroy Robinson
  • Engineering

    Tony Hogg Design

Used materials