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Individual and economical renewal


The fifth pillar of the Hightex maintenance concept is the partial or complete replacement of membranes. Membrane tissues may need to be renewed when they have reached their final life expectancy or due to irreparable damage.

Thanks to the enormous experience gained in countless membrane projects, all the necessary resources are united under one roof at Hightex. Engineering, production and assembly are available promptly and cost-effectively. Our extensive archive of thousands of membrane projects makes re-planning considerably easier. A quick and cost-efficient solution is thus possible by replacing a membrane. At the same time, the membrane construction is brought up to date with the latest state-of-the-art technology.

  • IMG 8196

    Air cushion replacement with no business obstruction

  • IMG 4683 Kopie

    Replacement of a stadium facade membrane

  • IMG 2575

    Renewal of an ETFE air cushion