Cost efficacy and object specific mending


The third component of the Hightex maintenance concept is repair. Repair work is an important part of maintenance. Due to the different materials in membrane construction, a wide variety of repair methods are required, which are safely applied by our experienced technicians. With the right selection of a repair method a significantly more expensive replacement of the membrane can often be avoided.

The fast response times of our technicians (Europe 24 hours, worldwide 48 hours) can prevent major damages to membrane structures.

  • IMG 2672

    PTFE repair in difficult to access position

  • DSC 2278

    Repairing an ETFE air cushion roof

  • GOPR0611

    Bolt replacement on a retractable PVC roof

  • HQND8220

    Even heavy weather-induced damages – here a mesh membrane broken by snow masses – can be expertly repaired