Sustainable and preserving care concepts


The fourth pillar of the Hightex maintenance concept is surface care and cleaning. This pillar is becoming increasingly important in today's times due to environmental influences.

The maintenance of the surface coating and thus the protection of the supporting fabric is an essential necessity for a long service life of the membrane construction.

The cleaning of membrane constructions requires object-specific cleaning concepts, depending on the material and type of construction. The focus of Hightex care and cleaning is on sustainability and environmental friendliness.

Seasonally used membranes (e.g. awnings) can be professionally maintained, cleaned and, if required, stored on site or at the Hightex location in any size.

  • GOPR0293

    Cleaning the inside of a silicone-glass membrane structure

  • IMG 3864

    Repair of the coating of a PVC polyester membrane

  • IMG 34801

    Clearly visible difference when cleaning a PVC mesh membrane