Hightex prienavera 01


Prienavera Leisure Pool

Prien am Chiemsee, Germany

Swimming Under The Sun

The fully transparent roof has been designed in the shape of a shell - highly appropriate for this unique swimming pool. The project was commissioned by the municipality of Prien who wanted to upgrade the existing open-air swimming pool located directly on the shore of the Chiemsee.The 1,980 sq/m three layer pneumatic cushion roof is divided into 17 individual radiant sections. The upper layer of the membrane system has a barely noticeable printed finish designed to reduce heat from the sun’s rays. The membrane roof spans over a wooden structure. 16 wooden columns support curved beams that form the “ribs” of the shell, with the membrane elements in between.


  • Realization membrane structure

    Koch Hightex GmbH
  • Year

  • Client

    Municipality Prien, Deutschland
  • City

    Prien am Chiemsee, Germany
  • Location

  • Roof area

    1980 m²
  • Facade area

    – m²
  • Contractor

  • Architect

    Zeller & Romstätter, Traunstein, Deutschland
  • Engineering

    Zeller, Traunstein, Deutschland

Used materials