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Membranes are high-performance, extra durable building materials. Especially fabric membranes are used in building for a long time already.

These strong membranes are mostly self-cleaning, resistant against environmental influences, heat and weather and especially long-lasting. Most of the time, membranes made of PVC, silicon and PTFE are applied. Over the last decade however, building material made of ETFE has been growing in importance due to its ability to undergo surface finishing, enabling whole new design opportunities for building envelopes. As one of the pioneers in building with membranes, Hightex has the expertise in manufacturing, processing and installing all membrane materials required for completing a project.


Coated fabrics display the highest tensile strength values. They are self-cleaning, resistant to environmental influences, heat-proof, weather-proof, possess long term UV-resistance and have an extremely long lifespan. The coated fabric membranes are comprised of a high-strength inner mesh that is protected by a coating applied to both sides thus preventing the ingress of moisture. This further protects the mesh from both radiation and mechanical and chemical action.


Unlike coated fabric membranes, foils are produced by extrusion consisting of a single component homogenous material. Foils meet the highest aesthetic requirements, are environmentally friendly and provide multiple design options. Foils possess incomparable lightness and elegance and thus generate a unique architectural language.